5/11/2012 09:14:00 AM

Open Call: What Are NYC's Most Annoying Dining Moments?

"What? I can't hear you...." 
In the past, we've taken a look at some of the most annoying trends that you're likely to see when dining out, but it's time to get specific. Going out in NYC is usually a blast, but there are inevitable annoying moments that you'll encounter while on the scene. We've all been told "we're sorry, we only have 5 PM and 11:30 tables" at that hot spot - argh! There's that moment that you walk into your favorite bar and realize it's been colonized by d-bags (ahem, Rusty Knot) or the shouts of "what??" as you try to hear your dining companion at a way-too-loud Keith McNally restaurant.

We want to hear about your pet peeves. Let us know what ticks you off in the comments, and stay tuned for a full list of NYC's annoying moments next week.

Photo: Roboppy via Flickr

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  1. The bartender or waitress that is too busy flirting with some guy to do her job. These people usually give you an attitude too, as if you're in the wrong for waiting there patiently. I'm sure everyone hates this person. I've complained several times to various managers about these slackers, but the only one I know it went through with was when I knew the owner of the bar. Girl was reviewed several times after my complaint and several times she just blew off customers. She got canned for not doing her job.