5/14/2012 05:13:00 PM

Neighbors Fight Osteria Morini's Expansion Plans

Image via Facebook
A group of neighborhood NIMBYS is rallying against Osteria Morini adding 45 more seats to its dining room by expanding into the vacant space next door, reports DNAInfo. CB2 recently voted against a requesting that the vacant space next door be rezoned as usable restaurant space for the eatery - as of right now it can be only used for "manufacturing space or joint living-work quarters for artists." Naturally this angered local NIMBYS (as it doesn't take much to do so) and one leader complains that the block already has "five out of eight" buildings allotted to restaurants and bars. The Morini camp will battle it out on May 24, stay tuned for the final verdict. [via Eater]


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