5/30/2012 01:54:00 PM

Meet the New Go-To BBQ Side Dish: Fried Pickles

Underneath that hard exterior lies a deep fried pickle from Lillie's Q
Whether its corn bread smeared with a layer of fresh butter or baked beans loaded with hunks of thick cut bacon, a BBQ is not complete without sides. How can we choose just one? Maybe those pregnant women were onto something when they went for the fried pickles.

The combination of juicy and crispy, tart with a savory exterior creates the most underrated side dish. It doesn’t have to sit it a smoker for a day or be covered in a dozen spices to find its way to a BBQ.

Which is why we’ve rounded up five restaurant and bars in Chicago giving pickles the respect they deserve, by covering them in batter and throwing them in a deep firer.

Lillie’s Q
They slice the pickles the long way, and that makes all the difference between a good fried pickle and a life-changing one. These hefty skewers are beer battered and served piping hot with a side of cool ranch dressing.

The name of the dressing the fried pickle bites get dipped into says it all: "green goddess."It either takes an act of divine intervention or a crazy person to create something so oddly satisfying.

Old Town Pour House
Maybe 90 beers on tap isn’t enough incentive to check out this new Old Town beer emporium. Their beer battered pickle chips are served with buttermilk dressing and recommended with a light lager.

Goose Island
Putting a local twist on this dish, these pickles take a bath in Honker’s Ale batter before getting deep-fried and served with chipotle ranch.

The runner-up in the race for under-appreciated accompaniment is fried okra. They are paired with fried dill pickles and served with herb ranch.


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