5/16/2012 01:55:00 PM

Market Watch: Seeking Favorite Farmers' Markets in Chicago

This morning we woke up to a cool breeze brought in by last night’s storms. We rolled out of bed, reluctantly put on a jacket and made our way to Green City Market. The market returned to the south corner of Lincoln Park on Saturday, and will remain there every Wednesday and Saturday until the end of summer.

There are few things better than deciding on mushroom omelets for breakfast, and purchasing farm-fresh eggs and mushrooms before 10 AM. When we're too hungry to cook, stands of freshly prepared foods from Floriole Bakery, Sunday Dinner and more do the trick.

Green City Market is one of the largest, and because of that the most crowded, markets in the city, but as we continue to crave straight-from-the-ground produce, other local markets pop up to deliver. Which is why we want to know: where are your favorite farmers' markets in Chicago?


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