5/14/2012 12:11:00 PM

The Manhattan Cocktail Classic Restored to Classy Once Again

It’s Monday – who’s hungover? Well, pretty much everyone who attended the Manhattan Cocktail Classic this weekend. The boozy bacchanal kicked off on Friday with its third-annual gala at the New York Public Library. The shindig draws thousands of revelers decked out in tuxes and gowns to the beaux arts building, where they amble (aka stumble) from bar to bar and try to keep it together, since puking when you’re so dressed up would just be crass.

Thankfully, the organizers of the epic earned their lesson from last year, when the gala resembled a spirits-centric episode of Jersey Shore. There were no lines at the door on this go-round, it was crowded but not like a party at Joshua Tree and the techno-spinning DJ was replaced by a classy big band in the basement. The themed side-rooms were also back – and the hottest ticket of the night was a special “pop-up” run by the folks behind PDT and the NoMad.

They took over the periodical room and only admitted those lucky few on the list, but not that the tipsy didn’t try to breach the door once they found out that there was an even more exclusive area to this already pricey event. Jim Meehan was inside, still glowing after his win last week at The Beards, and guests could scarf a hot dog or four to help soak up the booze.

After last call, a steady stream of well heeled drunks zig-zagged down the library’s staircase, past the famous lions Patience and Fortitude. And that’s just what the friends and loved ones of these folks had to demonstrate the next day when dealing with their hung-over asses. Until next year!


  1. I totally agree! Also the hour less of drinking and lots and lots of food helped fend off the worst cases of the drunkies.

  2. Ahem...Well...There most certainly was a DJ this year, and his name was Herbert Holler, and in fact, his presence and craft helped make the Virgin Airways' "High Tea" room the ONLY room with a line to get in for a majority of the night. (And no, I didn't play any techno. Nor was there any fist pumping. And I don't tan.)