5/09/2012 04:05:00 PM

Lunch Break at The Southern Mac ’n’ Cheese Truck

Please enable smell-o-vision for the full effect of white cheddar truffle mac
It may be one of the most overused ingredients, but truffle is also one of our favorites. The smell induces our mouth to water, and causes all other thoughts to leave our brain except for the anticipation of tasting that warm, earthy flavor.

This afternoon The Southern Mac ’n’ Cheese Truck rolled into our neighborhood wafting that irresistible smell though town. We had to obey the call. The white cheddar truffle mac is our personal favorite in the line of rotating options. Four varieties travel on the truck, including seasonal ones such as corned beef and cabbage with rye bread crumbs for St. Patrick’s Day.

If you are not fortunate enough to be one of the streets The Southern Mac ’n’ Cheese Truck frequents, they also have a storefront in The Loop, and the original recipe can be found at The Southern in Wicker Park. Enjoy it on their patio with a glass of their Aunt Bee’s Sweet Tea made with Rishi Organic Tea infused bourbon and topped with lemonade.

The Southern Mac and Cheese Store; 60 E. Lake St.; 312-262-7622
The Southern; 1840 W. North Ave.; 773-342-1840


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