5/11/2012 12:58:00 PM

Hearth on Wheels: Monster Pizza Truck Del Popolo Gets Ready to Roll

The construction of Del Popolo, Jon Darsky's tricked-out mobile pizzeria-monster truck
Down in L.A., a bustaraunt dubbed the Fox Pizza Bus roams the streets, but up here the closest thing we have to a pizzeria on wheels is the peripatetic Pizza Hacker, Casey's Pizza Truck and those healthy-oriented gluten free pie stands that pop up at various street festivals and concerts. But look out. Working under cover this weekend and starting officially next Tuesday, Jon Darsky (the original pizzaiolo of Flour + Water) will roll out his monster truck Del Popolo, a twenty-foot trans Atlantic shipping container that’s been repurposed into a monster truck-sized custom built pizzeria tricked out a glass-enclosed 5,000-pound Stefano Ferrara wood-fired oven imported from Naples.

If you recall, Darksy left Flour + Water almost two years ago to launch his own brick-and-mortar pizzeria (whose name, we guessed right back in 2010). A little more than two years later, he’s finally back in the Bay and come Tuesday, May 15, he'll be debuting his signature rustic Neapolitan-style pies topped with ingredients sourced from small, generational producers. To start, he’s offering just two kinds of pie - a traditional Margherita and one topped with fresh mozzarella, ricotta, grana padano and arugula (each 12-inch pie costs $10). Details on where Darsky will be parking are still nebulous, though he tells EaterSF that his goal is to “serve pizza all day, every day at different locations around San Francisco. Possibly the East Bay too.”

Del Popolo’s coming out party for the public will be on Tuesday at Bar Agricole. Darsky will be slinging pies, and the bar will be serving cocktails on the patio. To find the whereabouts of Del Popolo after that, follow it on Twitter. Looks like Jackson near Front St in the FiDi will be a regular stop. Inside Scoop has all the breathtaking technical stats on the vehicle for all you motor geeks, and we’re told Popular Mechanics is even planning a feature on it.


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