5/09/2012 01:28:00 PM

Have Top Chefs Over To Your Place For Dinner

Kitchit Dinner
Can't get a reservation at always-booked ABC Kitchen? Well, why not have Dan Kluger come over your apartment for you and your friends. You don't need a special bat phone to get chefs like Kluger, Harold Dieterle and Gabrielle Hamilton cooking at your place for your next dinner party, you just need a chunk of change and Kitchit, a new website that connects top chefs with diners looking to have them over. Believe us, this sure beats purchasing prepared grub at Whole Foods and trying to pass it off as your own.

The service currently exists in Los Angeles and San Francisco, and this week it got off to a start in the Big Apple, where we're sure more than a few folks who use their ovens for storage will be eager to utilize the service for dinner parties. The experiences can range from cocktail parties to four star meals and pricing starts at around $50 per person (going much higher for the bigger names, natch). If you don't have a chunk of change, the company actually makes it easy to split the bill with your guests. Luckily, you have to tell them about the arrangement BEFORE they come to the dinner party, so there isn't an awkward moment when a check drops.


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