5/07/2012 02:28:00 PM

Harlem Coffee Shop Latest Eatery Seeking Donations to Stay Open

Trend alert! And this one is not so fun. Restaurants around town that are facing dim economic prospects are turning to their patrons to invest and keep them in business. We've chronicled new eateries using crowd-sourcing as a way to raise capital for an opening, but the trend is moving toward old timers appealing for funds to do everything from pay rent to upgrade equipment. Cakeshop successfully scored enough cash to see them through a tough time but sadly Kate's Joint wasn't so lucky.

East Harlem Cafe is the latest to jump on on this bandwagon, launching a campaign to raise $10,000. It's not clear that they are on the verge of shuttering, but they do want to "needs kitchen storage, supplies and food prep equipment." The cafe, which opened in 2008, is appealing to fans on the fundraising site Indiegogo. They point to their charitable work and plead with patrons to "to keep the café and the community thriving." At press time, they've raised $3,995 with 11 days to go in their drive. Take a look at the page here if you want to help out.

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