5/18/2012 09:41:00 AM

GoogaMooga Has Arrived: The Proposed Hashtags

GoogaMooga is here! This weekend, Brooklyn's Prospect Park will be taken over by hungry, music loving hordes who are keen to check out the first-ever fest, which promises to be epic (especially because the forecast for the weekend is pretty gorgeous). There will be two festivals happening simultaneously - GoogaMooga proper, which is a ticketed shindig that was free to the public, and ExtraMooga, a VIP area where folks had to pay around $200 for a ticket (there's also a third fest, if you count the folks that don't have tickets to either but plan to show up anyway).

If you're going to hit it up, you can plan your Saturday and Sunday using the schedule here. If you can't attend, expect to see social media lighting up with updates from the front (the irony-loving hipsters have long dreamed of the day that they can send an Instagram of a Hall & Oates concert). To that effect, here are some proposed hashtags for those attending the fest:

#toofar - For Manhattanites, when they inevitably complain about having to take the subway out to Brooklyn.

#fencefail - When you try to climb over the fence to get into ExtraMooga, but are shooed away by burly security guards.

#nothappening - For the VIPs, who are asked to sneak their ExtraMooga wristband to a friend on the other side.

#daydrunk - For the picnic goers who decided to fill their bottles of Snapple with an eighth of Absolute Citron before heading over.

#enchantedforest - For those who decide to go the other route and smoke a little sumtin-sumtin' while crouched like a squirrel behind a bush.

#bringbackthepool - For the hipster who is not impressed by the music, since the shows at McCarren Pool were, like, so much better. Let it go, bud.

#wherestom - For attendees who thought they were actually going to get to see Tom Colicchio.

#hallandold - To highlight the inevitable "Hall and Oates are so old" jokes. Yeah, true, but we bet you'll wish you had Hall's sexy, lion-like mane when you are a stone's throw from 70. Just sayin'.


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