5/02/2012 02:19:00 PM

FiDi Eatery Launches "Hidden Cocktail Menu," Accessed Via Code Word

We're all familiar with the slew of secret bars that have taken up residence around NYC (if you're not familiar with them, check out our guide here), but we've never heard of a lounge doing a secret cocktail list. Well, FiDi haunt BPG just announced that they have a selection of secret libations for those lucky folks that have the code word. The drinks here were developed by Artemio Vasquez from the Pegu Club so they are no joke, but the drinks available on the hush-hush list aren't just for those in-the-know, they're for folks who are in-the-money. '

The hidden libations include drinks like the $44 mescal vault, which is a mix of DeLeon tequila, illegal Mezcal, vanilla agave nectar and dry-aged proscuitto (we're having a little trouble figuring out how those fit together, but we're sure it's tasty). So, what's the code word? At this point, the bar is staying mum - guess you have to be in their good graces to find out the code. If you want to drop by and try your luck, we've looked at this list of common passwords. Here are some guesses:

"I don't care about your stupid drinks anyway!"

If you want to take your chances, BPG is located at 120 Greenwich Street.


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