5/07/2012 09:12:00 AM

Diner En Blanc Returns, Opens NYC Waiting List

Diner en Blanc in NYC
Last year, Parisian pop-up picnic Diner en Blanc touched down in NYC, convincing New Yorkers to pay for tickets and then buy their own tables, food and chairs and then head to an undisclosed location for an outdoor meal in which everyone was supposed to dress from head to toe in white. Why? Well, because they can. The dinner is returning this year (and also launching in other cities) and they have a message for those folks who registered last year but stayed away due to looming rainclouds that threatened the event: there will be no forgiveness. From their website:

"Those having transgressed the rules or desisted at the last moment, deterred by ominous clouds, will not be re-invited to the following editions. Their name and email will be put on a black list, prohibiting them from registering for future editions."

Despite the litany of rules and regulations, the event did turn out to be popular, and this year it is sure to an even tougher ticket. Especially since the organizers want to keep it exclusive and plan to invite everyone who attended last year, and then maybe, if there are spots left, open it up to the waiting list. To get on said list, check out their website here.


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