5/17/2012 10:44:00 AM

Cousins Maine Lobster: Food Truck of the Week

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Cousins Main Lobster is a spankin' new food truck that hit the LA streets just a few weeks back, started by Maine-bred cousins Jim Tselikis and Sabin Lomac. Here's some TMI info about these two from their bios: "Sabin still schools Jim on Super Nintendo NHL 94’, and Jim is still better looking. In 2011, over a heated video game between the Boston Bruins and the LA Kings, the two cousins hatched this brilliant idea to take over the food truck industry." And there you have it. The truck boasts shellfish that is pulled from the Maine waters and shipped overnight to Cali where it's served the very next day.

In addition to offering both hot and cold lobster rolls (Connecticut and Maine styles respectively), the truck offers up an array of lobster goodies like lobster tacos and lobster ice cream. Also on the menu are shrimp and crab rolls, ceviche and for dessert, a New England staple - whoopie pies. You can catch up with the Cousins Maine Lobster truck by following their Twitter feed here.

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  1. Dead Lobsters! Don't Do It! The Cousins my have things going good on the West Coast but this is NY State. That's right, the East Coast is run by a woman named Rose who is mean and treats customers like crap. First of all, anyone who pays your price to have it delivered in perfect Live condition should receive this service!
    It was Valentines Day Feb 2013 that my wife had two lobsters delivered for me via CML. Yes the advetising on Shark Tank paid off however you are only as good as you provide.
    1st delivery: Feb 14 2013 one lobster was perfect the other was molded, crusted over with fungus. I wrote an email and Rose responded blaming me. telling me that fungus/mold was totally safe. Rose, when someone pays that kind of money the lobster should not be presented that way. Plus some people have compromised health systems and cant eat item with noticeable fungus/mold. then she went on to offer me a 20% discount on my next order. Rose, that does not even cover one lobster!
    2nd Delivery: after complaining one more time at the end of 2013 Rose finally decided to have Sabin call me. He did and he was totally apologetic. Somehow he could not find proof of purchase, none of my emails were in the system. Hmmm, I wonder why. By the time I got off the phone Sabin offered me money back or a new order. Well I am not after the cash, just the guarantee. That is all I ever wanted was for someone to stand behind the product as they said they would on The Shark Tank. So told me he would email me to make sure everything was set up. NOPE... It was Rose emailing me to tell me my order was shipped. When my lobsters arrived they were DOA! Dead On Arrival... DEAD AS A DOOR-NAIL! And No, I did not cook the lobsters. Everyone knows you don't eat a lobster that is dead with no eye activity!
    The worst parts of this company are Communication & Poor East Coast Service. Communication because any time I have called the number no one answers and i have to leave a message. Never a call back. Poor East Coast Service: Barbara, Jim & Sabin, I am on the East Coast, as much as you think you can run a company from the West Coast... You Can't! How can someone on the East Coast get DEAD Lobsters? From The Guy Sabin talked to: Tim In Clifton Park, Delivery on 1/7/2014