5/04/2012 05:29:00 PM

Cheap Eats Week: A Frugal Look Back

This week we spent time focusing on all things cheap eats, from hot dogs to off-the-radar sweets to some super fancy chefs cooking up their version of affordable fare. If you missed out on any of the coverage check it out below, there are still plenty of savings to be had. Best part? Reading it is all free! Pretty sweet.

-7 Best Cheap Dates in NYC
-Sweet Deals in Unlikely Location (NYC) 
-NYC Hot Dog Smackdown
-Shake Shack Shakes Only $2
-6 NYC Spots With Free Food at Happy Hour 
-Off The Radar Cheap Eats - Exploring 6 Sweets Shops in Queens 
-New York's Cheap Eats Icons: Worth the Hype? 
-Cheap Ingredients that Taste Like a Million Bucks 

-Five Crazy Restaurant Promotions 
-10 High-End Chefs Go Low-End 
-Vote in Our Pizza Survey
-Taste Test: Trying 7 Frozen Restaurant Meals
-8 Beloved Cheap Regional Favorites 
-Best Cheap Thing We Ate This Week in LA
-7 Must-Try Ramen Shops in LA
-11 Spots Pouring Up Bottomless Brunch in DC
-7 DC Sandwich Shops That Will Fill You Up
-Five Ways To Do DC Fine Dining On The Cheap 
-$20 and Under Dinner Dates in Boston
-Must Try Cheap Bites in Philly
-Food and Drink Freebies in Chicago
-Late Night Cheap Eats in Chicago

Best Cheap Things We Ate In NYC:
-Sausage and Peppers at Parm 
-Fancy Potato Chips at Perla
-Pork Nuggets at Char No. 4
-Mee Noodle's Sesame Noodles 
-Churros From La Churreria 

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