5/01/2012 04:56:00 PM

Cheap Eats Taste Test: 7 Frozen Restaurant Meals

In honor of Cheap Eats Week we decided to go where few foodies have gone – the grocery store’s frozen meals section – to see whether DIY versions of popular chain restaurant faves are just as good in our own kitchen at even cheaper tabs. We picked from full-service restaurants only (and not just because avoiding Boston Market’s Swedish meatballs was imperative), and our highly scientific selection process involved choosing based on apparent popularity (the fewest remaining product on the shelf). What was gross and what was surprisingly good? Click through the below slideshow to find out.


  1. Sometimes I'm convinced that Paula Deen is trying to be a parody of herself

  2. Grammar. It's "then," not "than" in the first sentence in the second paragraph.

  3. Plus, "than" is followed by "heck to the no." Too many cliches and slang. Emily Rothschild is too cool for school.