5/31/2012 08:23:00 PM

Changes for Hungry Cat's Annual Crabfest

You don't have to be from the Chesapeake Bay area to appreciate the beauty of Hungry Cat's annual crabfest, which takes place on July 15. It might help when you actually get the steamed, spice-caked crabs on the table - not everyone knows how to rip into one of those puppies - but it's not necessary. You really just need an appetite, plenty of time to linger on the sunny Hollywood patio, and an affinity for ice cold Natty Boh, the only beer you should drink with steamed crabs. This year, however, there are some changes to the event, both to the menu and how to score a spot.

Tickets are pre-sale only, which means the $75 per person plus tax and 18% gratuity are due when you make the reservation. You will be fully refunded if you cancel by July 8. The menu is a feast - five courses with crab parfait, tomato and avocado; crab soup with crab and corn beignets; softshell crab po'boy with marinated tomato salad, and corn and avocado salad; the steamed blue crabs, of course (you usually get about six); and stone fruit cobbler for dessert. The raw bar is also open, and this year rumor is chef David Lentz may grill oysters. One not to miss. Reserve your spot by calling 323-462-2155.

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