5/22/2012 03:56:00 PM

The Boston Area's 5 Best Italian Restaurants

Carmen made the list.
Let's face it - the Boston dining scene is Boot-crazy. Italian food remains one of the city's most popular cuisines, and there are a wide variety of options when you're ready to mangia. But which are the best? Click through the slideshow to find out, and let us know your thoughts on each in the comments.


  1. This list reveals a problem in the Boston food scene: quality Italian food has become scarce. No. 9 and Menton are French, not French-Italian. Also I would like to lend a vote to Rialto in Harvard Square, quality, genuine, and multi-regional Italian fare, at the bar or in the restaurant.

    1. Yes, there are a lot of good Italian restaurants in the greater Boston area and you won't have to mortgage the homestead to eat there. I believe some people may pay more for ambiance but these are utterly ridiculous!

  2. I was brought up by immigrant Italian parents. These prices are ridiculous since good Italian food is one of the most economical dishes to prepare. Anyone who thinks that you have to pay outrageous prices to get good Italian food has never been in the average Italian kitchen. Most popular Italian food was originally peasant food i.e calamari, pasta puttanesca.

  3. if this picture is carmen, no thanks due to the paper table covers! Looks majorly cheap to me.

  4. One of the best Italian restaurants in Boston is Toscano's on Charles Street in Beacon Hill.
    It is back to being Wonderful.
    Barbara Lynch's restaurants are not Italian and definitely not worth two of the five entries.
    Please try Toscano's for a great Northern Italian experience.