5/15/2012 09:00:00 AM

Best Thing We Ate Last Night: Game Changer at Ma Peche

Yesterday, we stopped into David Chang's Ma Peche for a late lunch and as we browsed the menu our decision on what to order was pretty much made for us. How can you go to a restaurant that has something named "The Game Changer" and decide to get something else? Despite the name, we were a little doubtful about the mix of eggplant, bacon and chili jam that packed the sandwich - Chang is known for his focus on pork, and while there was bacon we did ponder getting something a bit heartier.

Well, those worries were for naught - perhaps it was the grease from the giant slab of bacon but this was just about the meatiest eggplant we'd ever had. The chili jam provided a moderate amount of spice and as the contents oozed out, we found ourselves licking every last drop off our fingers. Game officially changed.


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