5/10/2012 09:28:00 AM

Best Thing We Ate Last Night: Foie Gras Donut at Do or Dine

Foie gras has been in the news lately, with California's ban on the engorged duck liver going into effect on July 1. Well, West Coast residents who are looking for a foie fix should head over to Brooklyn's Do or Dine, where Justin Warner is unapologetically filling donuts with the stuff. There has been a lot of press about this appetizer (which is part of the reason the young chef landed on our 30 under 30 list), with some fans raving and others saying it's a gimmick that is far too rich to be tasty.

Well, file our comments with the raves, because when we made the trek out to Brooklyn to check this out, a single bite made our entire journey worth it. The delicate foie practically bursts out of the golden-brown donut and it's nicely balanced with some jelly. We suspect the combo of savory and sweet would convert any foie doubter.

California residents are surely going to miss out once the ban goes into effect. If NY State ever were to pass a similar law, these things would become a hot commodity on the black market.


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