5/01/2012 09:28:00 AM

The Best (Cheap) Thing We Ate Last Night: Mee Noodle's Sesame Noodles

And what would any good Cheap Eats Week be without a stop at our local Chinese joint? New York is rife with corner take-out joints and they don't really get much love in the press, but clearly people are ordering from them when they want a cheap Asian fix. And any good New Yorker wants that at least three times a week, right? Our go to is Mee Noodle, which has a few locations around town. We like the for their killer egg roll, excellent wonton soup and of course, one of the cheapest items on their menu, the cold sesame noodles.

The heaping portion is smothered in sesame sauce and topped with some chili paste for a little kick. Throw in some scallions and a few veggies and the dish could almost be a full meal, all for less than $3. You can't really beat that, and on a dreary, rain-drenched day like today, it's only a few clicks away via Seamless - drool, is it lunchtime yet?

Photo: inaqui via Flickr 


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