5/09/2012 02:06:00 PM

AvroKo and Brad Farmerie Headed to Napa For Next Project

The site of  the new restaurant, back in the day 
The other day, were chatting with Brad Farmerie, the chef behind NYC eateries like Public and Saxon and Parole and he let us know about an exciting new project. AvroKo, the firm behind Farmerie's restaurants, is gearing up to open their first location out in Napa. The firm has taken over one of the city's oldest buildings for the new eatery, which will incorporate influences from their other haunts, including the focus on grilling from Saxon and some of Public's exotic influences.

The building that will house the restaurant - which will surely feature some of AvroKo's swanky designs - has a storied past. It was the site of the 1974 murder of Anita Andrews, which was only solved in 2010. The space has been ready for a new start for a while. There is no word on when exactly it will open, but Farmerie is headed out to CA soon for a four-month stint to oversee the opening.


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