5/17/2012 04:27:00 PM

Annoying NYC Dining Moments: The Comments

Annoying Thing Number 272: Blurry Waiters 
This week, our piece chronicling some of the most annoying moments on the NYC dining scene really stirred up some debate. A lot of folks came to the defense of patrons parking their strollers next to the table, pointing out that people with babies need to eat too (fair enough). But, plenty of other folks chimed in to air their dining grievances. Below are a few of our favorite comments:

At least someone else agrees with us on the stroller thing: "Park slope parents are the worst!!!! Bringing their kids into the bar for happy hour, crying over a restaurant not having a kids menu, asking if they can bring their huge stroller into the restaurant, leaving a huge mess, with food all over the place, and saying sorry but leaving a small tip."

One reader thinks that threatening to take your table away if you don't confirm your reservation goes too far: "A reminder e-mail or call, with a request to be sure to cancel if you don't intend to keep the reservation, should be more than sufficient."

And one reader blames the customers for enabling all of these annoying occurrences: "These places are going to stop doing all these annoying things when people stop falling for it, when it hurts business, or becomes outmoded. If people would stop throwing money, and crazy amounts of it, to be treated this way, it would change the picture."


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