5/16/2012 11:17:00 AM

8 Restaurant Mascots We Love in LA

While a mascot is not necessarily the greatest symbol of culinary excellence, a good one can engender lifelong loyalty from potential patrons whether or not they’re a kid when they first form the attachment. From a classic mascot with boyish charm to the latest symbol of renegade cooking, here are eight mascots we find endearing.


  1. The Big Boy may have started in Glendale, but when I first drove across the country as an impoverished student close to 50 years ago, we ate at Big Boys from one coast to the other.The name changed from state to state, but the Big Boy was the Big Boy everywhere. I've never forgotten that in West Virginia, the bleu cheese dressing was the color of Thousand Island. Apparently it was the law that you had to put ketchup in everything there.

  2. Some of the most visible restaurant mascots in L.A. these days are on food trucks. The Flying Pig, The Buttermilk Truck, the Nom Nom Truck... do an image search on Google and check 'em out.