5/22/2012 11:00:00 AM

8 Dog-Friendly Dining Spots in Los Angeles

Outside Petrossian Beverly Hills
It has been said that the French love dogs more than children, perhaps because dogs are welcome in their restaurants, whereas preschoolers, not so much. In the States, it’s the opposite: we take our toddlers out and leave Fido at home. Until now. Just a few months ago, a California Health and Safety Code was passed allowing animals on restaurant patios at the owner’s discretion. LA pet owners rejoiced, and now you’ll find dogs at outdoor cafes from Venice Beach to Larchmont Village and beyond. Still, some restaurants are more dog-friendly than others. Click through the slideshow below to see where you can dine with your pooch.


  1. Don't forget about German restaurant & biergarten, Wirtshaus (http://www.wirtshausLA.com), on La Brea Ave.! They have a breezy, covered dog-friendly outdoor beer garden/patio, where you can hang for hours...they even have locally-made dog treats.