5/02/2012 04:38:00 PM

7 DC Sandwich Spots That Will Fill You Up for Not Much Dough

A Taylor Gourmet 'wich
Ever since the Earl of Sandwich called for some bread to fill with meat, hand-held meals have provided sustenance for folks on the go. They're also staples for budget-minded appetites looking to eat well for not much dough. Here are some 'wichy best bets to check out.

BreadLine: World Bank and White House sandwich lovers head to this eclectic bakery/café for a daily changing roster of bread-filled fare - happily, its piadine (freshly-made grilled flatbread), stuffed with the likes of prosciutto and fontina or Trinacria sausage with hummus, are available every day ($7.85).

Cava Mezze Grill: Like the Mediterranean version of Chipotle, this fast-casual chain with locations in Bethesda and Tysons Corner fill pitas with diner-selected ingredients - prices range $7-$9.

Fast Gourmet: Gas station eats get a big boost at this U Street Corridor sub shop, where the likes of the Uruguayan owners’ native chivito - ham, mozzarella, eggs, olives, escabeche, lettuce, tomatos and mayo, on a soft roll ($13) - or the meatball and chorizo marinara on a garlic baguette ($8.50)  will require hours in the gym to work off the calories.

Fishnet: Build your own grilled fresh fish sandwich (or vegan falafel) at this Turkish inspired seafood specialist in College Park for $11, and be sure to ask for the Turkish tartar sauce.

Rays’ to the Third: Michael Landrum’s lauded steak and cheese behemoth - eight oz. of rib-eye, with two cheeses, grilled onions and just about anything else one requests - can reliably be found at lunchtime at his latest Courthouse venue ($12.99; junior version for $7.99).

Moby Dick: Some 15 quick-stops around the area guarantee to answer that craving for marinated lamb in pita, with all the Middle Eastern trimmings, at a pittance ($7.29).

Taylor Gourmet: Subs, hoagies, whatever you call 'em, these Philly-flavored sandwich shops overstuff them with the likes of Italian salami, capicola, prosciutto and provolone for a nosh that will take you through dinner ($7.10 and $9.50, six and 12 inches, respectively).


  1. Makkah Market serves you the most delicious Falafel sandwich with hummus tomato and pickles. Falafel is a popular recipe from Middle East, consists of chickpeas that are shaped into patties.

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  2. You did not mention Mangialardos or Litteri's. Your list is invalid.

  3. if only taylor sandwiches actually looked like that. that place is all hype and no substance.