5/22/2012 01:23:00 PM

11 Must-Try Fish 'n' Chips in the Bay Area

Fish 'n' chips get froufrou at Michael Mina.
When it comes to fish 'n' chips, we’ve got nothing on the Brits, except of course, delicious line-caught fresh halibut fried in trans-fat-free oil and served with heaps of just-picked vegetables to accompany it. So purists can argue all they want about the Real Thing. Here in the Bay Area, we’re pretty darn happy with our Californicated fish and chips options.

Even fine-dining whiz Michael Mina has put an updated riff on the classic on the lunch and bar menu at his namesake restaurant in honor of National Fish and Chips Day, which is coming up on May 30. His rendition will feature Alaskan halibut with chickpea fries, hijiki and lotus salad, housemade malt vinegar, and gribiche aïoli. Betcha won’t find that in London.

Here are 10 other perennial places to get your fish 'n' chips fix.

Anchor & Hope: Chef Sarah Schafer keeps it simple at this SoMa spot with Smithwick’s battered cod, tartar sauce and rosemary and thyme fries.

Dante’s Weird Fish: The catch (typically sustainably farmed tilapia or catfish) at this Mission kitchen is dipped in Big Daddy beer batter and served with tartar sauce, slaw and their infamous “Weird Fries” - a mix of steak-cut yams and potatoes.

Fish: At this sustainable-fish shack in Sausalito, your options include fresh Alaskan halibut or local Drakes’ Bay oysters fried in an Anchor Steam beer batter and served with wedge chips, lemon and housemade tartar sauce.

Georges: Chef Michael Bilger feeds the Fidi folks the traditional goods-true cod, malt vinegar with pommes frites.

Gott’s Roadside: The cooks at this Bay Area chainlet use fresh mahi mahi in their signature fish 'n' chips offerings, which comes served with fries, slaw, lemon, tartar sauce and green onions.

Hog & Rocks: At his newest Mission venture, Scott Youkilis offers his version with beer-battered cod with Kennebec potatoes, malt vinegar and tartar sauce.

Jasper’s Corner Tap and Kitchen: At his Downtown digs, chef Adam Carpenter uses the Monterey Bay Aquarium-approved Laughing Bird tilapia that’s dipped in polenta crust and served with tartar sauce and accompanied by mushy peas.

Lot 7: Chef Greg Lutes fries fresh chunks of rock cod and serves them with sauce gribiche and grilled lemon. Even better, the fried goodness is half-price during happy hour at this new Mission hangout.

Nick’s Cove: Despite a revolving door of chefs heading up this Marshall roadhouse, you can always count the lunch menu to feature locally sourced rock cod, fried up to perfection and served with the traditionally fixings - lemon, tartar sauce and Kennebec fries.

Pacific Catch: This eclectic seafooder, with branches around the Bay, fries up fresh Alaskan halibut in 100% canola oil and serves it with a sesame slaw, jalapeño tartar and choice of sweet potato, regular or spicy fries. You can also a mixed basket that includes crispy Thai coconut shrimp and oysters.


  1. 4th & Sea in Petaluma is excellent. British friends have told me it is very authentic.

  2. You missed my favorite spot: The Codmother, at Jones between Beach and Jefferson, opposite the F line terminus. Best fish and chips I have had this side of the Atlantic!

  3. Camelot in Pacifica is my ultimate #1. I've had Codmother too but Camelot blows them away...

  4. Best I have ever tried- @Lucia Lodge & Cafe in Big Sur

  5. Again, the primary focus is SF. Fish and Chips requires a simplistic batter that is crunchy and served on a good solid fish, such as Halibut or Cod; not Talapia. The chips are thick potatoes and not shoe strings. Barclay's Pub in Berkeley is good for East Bay. Barbara's Fish Trap in Half Moon Bay. Yankee Pier in Larkspur. Zagats is suppose to be about the best Bay Area food.

  6. Woodhouse Fish Company consistently makes the best fish and chips I've had locally.

  7. Another purveyor of the tasty Brit staple out East Bay way (far, far, East, in Livermore!) is First Street Alehouse (http://www.firststreetalehouse.com/) - you can choose to have garlic fries instead of the standard salted fried potatoes, and they have a fine selection of local, micro-, and branded libations to wash it down.

  8. This is only for SF, too far for me to travel. Also, if you are looking for good southern corn meal dipped fried fish, try Big Skenny's in Sunnyvale, CA. Smaller portions but very FRESH fish and tasty, not greasy.

  9. If you want really FRESH southern fried (dipped in corn meal) fish, try Big Skenny's in Sunnyvale, CA. Very fresh fish and very tasty, not greasy. Smaller portions but just enough.