5/03/2012 05:09:00 PM

10 Killer Sandwich Shops in San Francisco

Pressed Cubano sandwich at Ironside, photo by Jennifer Yin
Sure, some folks like to kvetch about shelling out a ten spot for a sandwich when they can get a cheap  ham one at their corner Lee’s, but we say balderdash: if you consider the quality ingredients, painstaking technique and umami-packed flavor you’ll get out of one of these new-wave sammich shops, we say they’re a steal of a meal. Heck, the bread alone on these puppies will fill you up. While we all have to wait a few more weeks until the Flour + Water folks unleash their old world deli Salumeria, for Cheap Eats week, we recommend the following artisan sando shops.

Did we miss your favorite? Share it in the comments.

The Deli Board
Golden West
Il Cane Rosso
Naked Lunch
Pal’s Take-Away
Saigon Sandwiches
Sweet Woodruff


  1. Great List, to add...
    Fatted calf
    Local mission eatery

  2. How did you miss Rhea's???

  3. I'm glad my favorite shop didn't make the list-- more for me!