5/30/2012 10:30:00 AM

10 High-End BBQ Spots Around the U.S.

Husk Restaurant in Charleston, SC
Any barbecue aficionado knows that the best 'cue is always found in hole-in-the-wall joints, such as a shack in West Texas or a roadside pit in Oklahoma. However, barbecue snobs beware. The smoky flavors of barbecue have seduced chefs all over the country, making it possible to have a sensational upscale barbecue in more sophisticated settings. Click through the slideshow below to check out ten places that are doing 'cue all gussied up and let us know your favorites in the comments.

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  1. BBQ is probably the only "food" that is different in each location. For me, none is better than "Helen's"in Brownsville, TN., or Lathams in Jackson, TN. Lawler's in Lewisburg is good. If you want great BBQ than you need to eat in KC or TN or GA or N or S Catolina. One man's opinion!!!