4/26/2012 09:57:00 AM

What's Up With: Servers Touching Your Cell Phone?

Personal digital devices are getting bigger and restaurant tables are getting smaller, so there is clearly going to be some friction when the servers come over to drop four or five plates on the table and find valuable real estate taken up by a blinking phone. But, it still feels like some sort of violation when they reach down without asking, pick up your device, and move it out of the way so they can deliver a dish (which has happened more and more, as we usually keep our phone near our plate since it is uncomfortable to sit with it in our pocket).

Should servers just treat your phone as they would a candle or water glass, moving it out of the way to make enough room on the table? Or, should they ask you to move it yourself or remove it from the table all together? Of course the counter argument will be that you should just keep your phone stowed during dinner, but with everyone addicted to Tweeting, texting and the rest of it, that's clearly not going to happen. What should the proper etiquette be in this situation - let us know in the comments.

Photo: mary hodder via Flickr


  1. As a server, I find it not only annoying but dangerous when people leave their phones on the table. Yes I pick them up and move them, as often, the plate in my opposite hand is very hot or heavy. We all know that a phone on the table is still by most standards bad manners. And most importantly, you or I could easily spill on it. I have seen many many people spill on their own phones or their guests phones, and let me tell you, if it's the server that does it, the customer is FURIOUS. Know how to keep that from happening? Get your phones off the table!!!

  2. What's so Fucking important you can't leave your phone in the car for an hour.Are you a Doctor waiting for a call informing you that heart just arrived for that transplant in a four year old, or just a earth breaking Tweet from a Kardashian.