4/16/2012 02:32:00 PM

Tuna Sickening Sushi Eaters, Human Empanadas in Brazil

Beware spicy tuna rolls! 
You might want to skip that tuna roll when you're heading out to sushi dinner this week. According to The Daily News, the FDA is reporting that over 110 people have been made sick by fish that has been tainted with salmonella, with a dozen folks being sent to the hospital. Many of the ill reported eating spicy tuna rolls, and a California-based fishing company has issued a recall for over 58K pounds of the stuff.

If the thought of eating tainted fish turns your stomach, just be glad you weren't hungry for an empanada in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Police there have arrested a few people for going on a Sweeny Todd-esque killing spree. According to Huff Post, a man and two women allegedly murdered two victims and ground their remains into meat, which they then stuffed into empanadas and sold to the neighbors. Ick - come on! We're going too have to be off empanadas for like a month after reading that. 

Photo: Joits via Flickr


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