4/18/2012 05:11:00 PM

Travel Back to 12th Century at Alfama

What a coincidence, we were just waxing poetic this AM about Portuguese eatery Alfama, and now we have learned that our next Presents event is at that very spot. The four-course dinner will take you back in time. Like, way back. The May 2 meal takes its inspiration from the convents and monasteries of 12th-century Portugal. Yeah, we weren't exactly familiar with this cuisine either, but apparently those monks and nuns liked dishes like sopa da pedra, a traditional "stone" soup with pork shanks and chouri├žo.The meal is $75 for four courses, and if you want wine pairings that raises the bid to $125. To reserve a spot, please call 212-759-5552 and mention "Zagat May 2 event" and your preferred seating time.


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