4/30/2012 09:39:00 AM

Tonight: a Jardiniere Homecoming for Michael Hung

By Meesha Halm
Monday nights at Traci des Jardins’ Civic Center flagship, Jardiniere, are like a standing blind date - you never know exactly what you’ll end up with, but it’s likely to be enticing, and at $49 for a three- course meal that includes three wine pairings, the price is always right.

Tonight's deal is no different except that Traci will be welcoming back former sous chef Michael Hung to present a menu inspired by the Silk Road, and the meal, which showcases cuisines found along the route connecting China to the West, will be expanded to four courses for the same price.

Hung is one talented chef - the four year vet left Jardiniere to helm the stoves at Bushi-tei and his culinary savoir faire was gaining quite a bit of notoriety before the restaurant shuttered. In other words, this guy won’t be growing moss anytime soon. We suggest you get thee to Jardiniere tonight to enjoy his amazing cooking before he lands at some new restaurant that you can’t afford.

For reservations, call Jardiniere at 415-861-5555.

Michael Hung's Silk Road Menu at Jardiniere

Lightly Pickled Roots and Greens, Spiced Peanuts
Steamed Rabbit Dumplings, Ginger and Chinkiang Vinegar Sauce
Handcut Northern-Style Noodles, Cumin Braised Beef and Daikon, Cilantro Pistou
Soymilk Panna Cotta, Almond Brittle and Chrysanthemum Caramel


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