4/25/2012 10:20:00 AM

Tonic Bubbles Up in Jamaica Plain

The booth at Tonic, JP
Some will argue it started with Doyle’s Cafe, established in 1882. It’s still the place for a Bloody Mary, an omelet and some cheer on a rainy Sunday. But the truth is, Jamaica Plain has been coming up as a restaurant hub for the past decade or so.

With the opening of Tonic across from the Forest Hills station on Washington Street, the scene just got even hotter. Whether it’s dinner for two or cocktails at the 15-seat bar back-lit with changing colors, you’ll find a little nightlife at this upscale American in the Forest Hills area. Open till 2 AM nightly, it offers a creative, globally inspired menu with dishes such as lightly seared ‘tuna faux pho’ with udon noodles and scallops with pureed parsnips balsamic gastrique, daikon radish confit and grapefruit garnish.

What else is worth a visit in JP? Check out these spots:

Ten Tables is a cozy American/European nook that gets even more cozy and romantic when you slip into a bar seat to watch the cooks in action (617-524-8810) .

The Haven is so darn Scottish in menu and style that you may be inspired to wear a kilt. You're even encouraged to do so Fridays for Kilt Night (we kid you not) - wearing one will get you a free deep-fried Mars bar for dessert. What you wear underneath is none of our business (617-524-2836).

Canary Square has a rustic edge, a killer American menu and a whole lotta great beer (617-524-2510).

You gotta love a place that mixes a music and bookstore with tapas. Tres Gatos does just that, living up its motto: “sharing good food, music and books is essential to a happy life” (617-477-4851).

Finally, New American Vee Vee gets creative with crispy pork belly and cornmeal crusted skate plus options for vegans (617-522-0145).


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