4/13/2012 01:32:00 PM

Tipping Quiz: The Results

As part of our finance coverage this week, we took a look at all things tipping related, including how our readers decide to pay out gratuities in different situations. We learned some interesting things from our (non-scientific!) poll, which you can see here. Readers are pretty generous regardless of the circumstance - most people seem to understand that bad things happen at restaurants that aren't always the fault of the server. Let's take a look at how you blog readers out there like to tip:

-48% of you tip a full 20% on delivery. 
-69% leave 15 to 20% even after slow service at a busy restaurant.
-88% tip a full 15 to 20% if the food was gross, since it wasn't the server's fault.

-69% will even leave a full tip if the server spills wine on them, provided they get a few things comped on their meal. You people sure are nice! Yep, that also applies to the 82% who will leave a good tip after having to wait 45 minutes for their table, even with a reservation.
-One thing that annoys you is servers forgetting stuff. 54% of poll takers said they would leave less tip money if the server forgot to bring the sides.

All in all, those of you who participated in our poll were definitely what we defined as "zen tippers." Groovy. Here's how we defined that: "Your motto is: 'whatever, dude.' You tend to leave a good tip no matter what happens during the course of your meal. Mistakes, whether made by the server, the kitchen or front of the house don't affect what you leave."

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