4/06/2012 06:00:00 PM

This Week's Top Restaurant and Food News

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As we get ready for the holiday weekend, let's first take a look back at some of our top stories this week. Our round-up of 8 overrated ingredients took the crown as the #1 post this week, stirring up plenty of controversy in the comments. Following that was our ultimate guide to spring drinking in NYC and our national piece about 8 overachieving chefs who have other talents besides cooking. In case you missed any of these, check out the list of the ten most popular posts of the week below. We'll catch you back here on Monday, post-chocolate-bunny binge.
  1. 8 Totally Overrated Ingredients
  2. The Ultimate Guide to Spring Drinking in NYC
  3. 8 Chefs With Hidden Talents
  4. The Best NYC Restaurant For Every Occasion
  5. 2 New Mission Seafooders: Lot 7 and Local's Corner
  6. Which Food-TV Chefs Have Restaurants Worth Visiting in Chicago?
  7. Win a $200 Dinner By Voting in the LA Restaurants Survey!
  8. Your Guide to NYC's Large Format Dinners
  9. 8 Must-Try LA Restaurants From Food-TV Stars
  10. Quote of the Day: 50 Cent Doesn't Know What a Grapefruit Is


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