4/19/2012 11:23:00 AM

Sneak Peek: Oregano Bar & Bistro Set to Liven up Riverdale in the Bronx

Our travels in the NYC restaurant world rarely take us to the Bronx (and if we do head there, we rarely venture beyond Arthur Avenue). Well, that will hopefully change with the opening of Oregano Bar and Bistro, which is gearing up to open in the Northern section of the borough that's dubbed Riverdale. The joint is from one of the founders of the Mamajuana Cafe, which sits in Inwood - so there is some experience working in the "higher reaches" of NYC. The menu at this new haunt will feature a juxtaposition of French, Spanish and Portuguese cuisine, which the restaurant is selling as Franco-Iberian. There will also be a large selection of house-cured meats, which is certainly a trend in new restaurants opening these days.

Diners will be able to snag some sun while they enjoy the fare - there is a garden room with a large skylight that will let some rays in. The sun will help a bamboo centerpiece and live wall of herb plants grow (also a trend - witness Atera). In the mix will, of course, be some of the restaurant's namesake herb. There's also a 22-foot bar where guests will be able to drink it up - look for cocktails like the Mexican Firing Squad, a mix of mezcal, bitters and pomegranate molasses. Stay tuned for the opening at 3524 Johnson Ave.


  1. It's May 31st and still can't find their menu online anywhere. Really?! They need to get with it!

  2. A sophisticated and much needed addition to Riverdale. Finally, some food that is savory and not catering to bland palates!