4/12/2012 04:14:00 PM

Singleton Celebration at Kimchee

We all know that here February 14 is Valentine's Day, but in Korea, they do things a bit differently.

According to tradition, women give chocolate to men on February 14, and a month later on March 14, it’s White Day, when men give sweets to women. Then comes the day that nobody looks forward to, April 14, known as Black Day, a day when those who didn’t receive a gift on either dates commiserate their single lives by coming together to eat a traditional noodle dish known as Jajang Myeon.

Cheery huh? But Kimchee on High Holborn is a modern place in more ways than one, and this April 14 rather than mourning, they're inviting all singles to celebrate the single life with a special Black Day menu, where every dish is black.

Start with a delicious "future lover" mocktail, made with blackcurrant, fruits of the forest, fresh mint and a squeeze of fresh lime; and then get to eating layers of salted crispy seaweed known as kim;  jap chae made with glass vermicelli noodles stir-fried with beef and mixed vegetables; Jajang Myeon served with pork, vegetables and a smooth black bean sauce; and a dessert of black sesame ice cream.
The special set menu costs just £14.99 - leaving guests with a penny to throw into the Kimchee lucky fountain on their exit.

71 High Holborn, WC1V; 020-7430-0956


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