4/18/2012 05:59:00 PM

SF's Lafitte is La Fin, Russell Jackson Heading to NYC

R.I.P. Lafitte
Like the impending ban on foie gras that he fought so much to promote, controversial chef Russell Jackson's waterfront restaurant Lafitte has seen its last day. Two years after opening his manifesto-driven restaurant, the former underground chef announced that he's closed up shop, citing financial woes. (No telling if a slew of tepid reviews and death threats from animal rights protesters hastened the sinking ship.)

But this isn't the last we'll hear of the rogue chef - Jackson tells the Chronicle that he's setting sail for the shores of NYC, where he hopes to reinstate his SubCulture Dining Club, and vows to return to SF to host a few more "FU Foie Gras" dinners in some unnamed stealth locale.

As for the plum (some say "cursed") Embarcadero locale, Jackson says he already has an interested buyer.


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