4/19/2012 03:56:00 PM

Richard Sandoval Will Renovate Maya, Open Tequila Bar

Chef Richard Sandoval is planning a spruce up for his 15 year-old UES Mexican Maya, which is one of our Top-Rated Mexican eateries in the Big Apple. The eatery will close on May 14 for an overhaul, but the big news is the joint's new neighbor. When the eatery reopens at the end of May, Sandoval will open a new tequila bar dubbed Tequileria Maya next door. The watering hole will serve over 100 agave-based spirits including a selection of 30 tequilas that will be infused in house.

Like Sandoval's Midtown behemoth Zengo, this smaller bar will also let you purchase a bottle of tequila and store it on site for future visits (perfect for those neighborhood residents who want to sneak downstairs for a shot without their spouse being any the wiser). A menu of small plates will be launched at the bar, and tacos will make their debut at Maya when it reopens (1191 First Ave.).

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