4/05/2012 10:50:00 AM

Hidden Valley Attempts to Convince Public That Ranch Is "The New Ketchup"

Image via Hidden Valley
By Kelly Dobkin
While there's already a sizable portion of Americans who consider Ranch dressing a universal condiment, Hidden Valley Ranch is rolling out a new thicker, creamier ranch dressing in a ketchup-shaped bottled with labels that read "the new ketchup" and "Hidden Valley for everything." The company hopes to make Ranch dressing "as ubiquitous as ketchup on restaurant tables and in consumers' kitchens." According to the Wall Street Journal, "The idea hit when an executive watched his college-age daughter 'bathe her entire salmon in ranch dressing,' at the dinner table." But the reality is, since so many Americans already view Ranch dressing as their go-to condiment, is all this in-your-face marketing really necessary? Guess we'll only know that once Ranch starts popping up on restaurant tables next to ketchup and mustard bottles (shudder).

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  1. Ranch dressing is gross. It tastes how it sounds...Raaaaaaaaaaaaaannnncchh! :)