4/12/2012 05:32:00 PM

Quote of the Day: Alton Brown Fumes Over Mark Bittman's Criticism of Food TV

Mark Bittman; Image by Sally Stein

"This whole thing 'in order to cook, you have to be a chef' has got things all backwards. The vast minority of people who cook wind up being chefs. No where else in the world, except for the West right now, would anyone ever think that cooking and being a chef was synonymous. There is that tendency around television. Books are a small part, television is really - if ‘blame’ is to be cast -television is to blame for that."

-A quote by NY Times columnist Mark Bittman in an interview with Capital New York that pissed off Food Network's Alton Brown. He took to the Twitterverse this afternoon to respond. [CNY via HuffPo]


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