4/25/2012 04:21:00 PM

Noodle Bar Pop-Up at Sel de la Terre Long Wharf

Here's what's for dessert after all those noodles
For the past few weeks the Waterfront location of Sel de la Terre has been host to a series of pop-up menus and dinners.

This weekend, beginning Thursday, April 26, it will be a noodle house - its last incarnation before the restaurant closes for good after dinner Sunday (5-11 PM; prices $6-$16).

Jiho Kim, Daniel Bojorquez and Alex Crabb are behind the menu, which features each chef’s version of the dish: Jiho’s brioche noodles are with beef in a mushroom broth; Daniel’s are udon with pork broth, pork belly and loin; and Alex has kansui noodles in duck broth. Other items include steamed buns with lamb, hot dog teriyaki and confit octopus. For dessert? Coconut lime mousse with crisp citrus among others (5-11 PM; prices $6-$16; 617-720-1300).


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