4/19/2012 02:18:00 PM

Literature at Alison Eighteen, Guest Chef Extravaganza at Benoit

When we chatted with Alison Becker of Alison Eighteen this week to learn her secrets of success, we found out that her new restaurant will play host to literary salons and other high-minded artistic gatherings. Well, the eatery has teamed up with the Woodstock Writers Festival and will launch its first literary series this weekend. On Saturday, April 21 guests can watch a live-stream reading and discussion by Augusten Burroughs, the author of popular books like Running With Scissors and Dry. The reading begins at 8:30 PM, but there are a few option available to those who want to show up and eat and drink before hand. $60 gets you a fixed price dinner and Lillet cocktails at 6 PM, followed by desserts and cheeses downstairs at 8. If you just want the cocktails and a snack, you can show up at 8 and pay $40 to indulge for half an hour before the reading begins. To purchase tickets, you can call 212-366-1818.

Another event that should appeal to those who enjoy the finer things in life is happening on May 3 at Alain Ducasse's Benoit. The eatery's Paris location is celebrating its 100th year, and Ducasse will be in NYC to cook up a grand meal with a little help from his friends. And those friends are certainly people worth knowing - Michael White, April Bloomfield and Michael Anthony will all be in the kitchen to prepare their unique takes on bistro classics. The event is $100 per person (which doesn't include booze) and you can make reservations by calling 646-943-7373.


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