4/04/2012 09:41:00 AM

Lenny Kravitz Designs $59 Box of Sushi For UES Restaurant

Rock star sushi
Sign number 124 that the recession must be over? Sushi Shop NY, an Upper East Side Japanese joint, is encouraging patrons to spend $59 on a box of sushi because it was designed by Lenny Kravitz. Whaaaa? Apparently the rock star wasn't content dressing Katniss Everdeen / figuring out how to walk in jeans that are way too tight, so his design company partnered with the sushi joint to create a meal that is truly "Raw Like New York," as the promotion's tagline reads.

Yes, because when we think of gritty NYC, the first thing that comes to mind is six-piece spicy tuna spring role (OK kids, we jest. It's the second - right after three pieces of soft-shell crab futomaki). The 32 piece box became available last Thursday and is available for delivery - you can get some info on the restaurant's website. We think Kravitz should do a promotional song for this, preferably with a video of him rolling in his licensing money. Sing it - American Maki, mama let me eat.....


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