4/09/2012 02:10:00 PM

Is It Worth It? $37 Salad at Bergdorf Goodman

Many folks may be flush once their tax returns come through on April 15. To help them decide where to spend their chunk of change, we’re trying some of the city’s most (absurdly) expensive dishes to see if the hefty prices tags are worth it. First up, a crazy expensive salad:

Bergdorf Goodman is known as the most high-end of high-end NYC department stores, where $3,000 handbags are the norm and it’s hard to find shoes under $500. It’s also home to a schmancy New American resto dubbed BG that’s tucked away on the seventh floor (above lingerie and swimwear) that serves one of, if not the most, spendy salads in the city.

The Dish: It’s is a fairly basic upmarket salad (lettuce, grape tomatoes, avocado, herbs) given the royal treatment with lobster chunks and BG china – and a skilled marketing copywriter (the greens were artisanal, the dressing champagne vinaigrette). The presentation was pretty and it was perfectly tasty – fresh and crisp with plentiful lobster pieces that we didn’t have to hunt for, and a light, flavorful dressing that we liked despite its snooty name.

Why the Price?: The saying location, location, location pretty much sums it up. And aside from the fact that you’re dining in an incredibly expensive department store, the beautiful space also has Central Park views.

Is It Worth It?: Heck no! Yes there were a lot of lobster pieces and it was a good salad, but for $37 (which comes darn close to matching entrée prices at a number of top restos in the city), we want an obscene amount of lobster, with lettuce as mere decoration. Of course, having never considered spending the equivalent of rent on a clutch, we are not exactly the target demo for this place. That said, the place was perfectly lovely and relaxed and the service top notch, so once we win the mega millions we may come back to enjoy a more reasonable $10 bowl of soup after buying out the shoe department.

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