4/30/2012 04:32:00 PM

In May, Dine In to Help Out

The food scene in Center City may be booming, but North Philadelphia is one of the hungriest neighborhoods in the U.S., and residents especially lack easy access to fresh produce and nutritional sustenance. This is what led Iron Chef Jose Garces to become active supporter for Dine In Help Out.

This monthlong initiative asks Philly residents to forego one night out on the town and instead donate the money they would have spent to Farms to Families, the fresh food program that supports the health and well-being of North Philly kids. If you sign up to host a “dine in” evening, you can receive a packet of planning resources like invitations for friends, Jose Garces recipes and shopping tips, and even create a easy pledge page online. All you have to do is skip one fancy meal so others can eat well. Fear not, our great BYOs, bistros, taverns, gastropubs and steakhouses will still be around when you’re done.


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