4/13/2012 03:38:00 PM

Saison's Price-Hike Turnabout

Chef's Counter at Saison
Wednesday night’s flood at Saison was the result of a wicked thunderstorm (situated on a low spot in the Mission, the restaurant and its neighbor Stable Cafe also flooded back in 2009), one which happened to coincide with a media storm led by Bloomerg’s Ryan Sutton, who took the restaurant’s ballsy 29% price hike (and related SeatMe fees) to task. Well, the storm has cleared - the restaurant plans to reopen on Saturday, and now we learn that chef-owner has Josh Skenes has reinstated the old pricing. (Phew, the counter menu for two is now only $996, down from a high of $1,281.) Meanwhile, Skenes is looking into getting rid of the nonrefundable SeatMe fee as well.

Does the turnabout change your opinion about dining at Saison?


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