4/25/2012 03:53:00 PM

Feast of the Brave Tests Chicago's Stomachs With Strange Tacos

Chicagoans know we are the best at everything. We have the best chefs and bartenders, the most beautiful skyline and lakefront...and, um, the most losing sports teams. It's time to take our battle to the streets and declare our awesomeness one more time.

Last week, we ate the Latin-fusion offering from the Taqueo Fusion truck. This week, they added more exotic tacos on the menu. And, now, in partnership with Dos Equis, they are participating in the Feast of the Brave - a five-city-wide competition testing the stomach strength of its citizens.

Each taco is assigned a point value, and the total points accumulated by Chicago between now and May 5 will be totaled and compared to the other cities’ totals. A wild-hare taco is worth 10 points (we think this sounds tasty), the hog ear and tongue taco earns 20 points, the bird gizzard taco is worth 30 and the terrifyingly named "mystery taco" is worth 100 points. These tacos are free (limit one per person) while supplies last.

We think Chicago has a somewhat tempting selection of strange tacos. The other competing cities of Austin, Dallas, Houston, Miami and Los Angeles get to chow down on the likes of  intestine, cricket or snail and corn fungus tacos. Besides every Cubs game for the past 100 years, Chicago does not like to lose, so start eating!

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