4/27/2012 03:39:00 PM

Does Anyone Actually Like Metal Straws?

Are metal straws a scourge?  
It's Friday, and we're gearing up for quitting time, aka cocktail time. In our recent travels, we've noticed more and more watering holes are ditching plastic straws in favor of stainless steel (especially in the fancy cocktail scene). While it certainly looks classy, this is one trend that we're none too fond of. We love classic cocktail culture, but we're not sure that we understand the reason for sipping through steel. Sure, it makes a great cocktail stirrer, but that's the bartender's job. It also helps keep things chilly, but with the modern advances in custom-made ice, is that really an issue?

We'll repeat what we've heard many a drinker say about these straws: they hurt your teeth! It's also weird to drink through metal as the stainless steel gives rise to flashbacks of us in the dentist's chair. Regular straws have some bend and give, but these things are rigid and uncomfortable to sip through. Is it just us, or are these reusable straws no fun at all? Let us know in the comments. 


  1. It's a goddamn straw, get over it

  2. Are they trou away? Or they wash them and use them again? I think its hard to clean them. Maybe with the dentist desinfection kit....

  3. It's probably for environmental reasons as well. I could get used to it.

  4. I have never seen them in a bar, but we have them at home. In fact, I only saw this site because I was searching on-line to buy more. My only issue about these straws in a public setting is from personal experience: you have to use a pipe cleaner to really clean them well if you use them for cream based mixed drinks. I really doubt that restaurants will take the time to do this.

  5. I just went to a bar in Chicago called Aviary where everyone at my table was given a plastic straw except for me. I asked the waiter if I could have a straw. I didn't realize that I was interrupting his descriptions of the drinks we had ordered. He slightly politely told me that when he was finished he would bring me a straw. A few minutes later another waiter "presented" me with a metal straw which was on a white linen napkin on a platter. Thought it was strange that I was the only one getting this metal straw; it was unique and being the "thief" that I am, when I finished my drink I put it in my purse. Little did I know they have cameras on the ceiling and I got caught. Another waiter came up to me and asked if he could have the metal straw back. So patrons be ware !! don't try to steal the metal straw !! But you are right.... have they been disinfected ??? I hope I don't catch anything !

  6. The average life of a straw in a drink is 5 min., the life of a plastic straw in our environment is estimated to be at least 450-500 years*!

    Bar's & Restaurants use and discard 500 million straws a day in the US!

    Plastic straws are not recycled.
    Plastic straws are made of BPA (Bisphenol A) plastic (the stuff they are taking out of waterbottles and baby bottles, because it's a known hormone, and endocrine disruptor)

    A stainless steel straw becomes another untensil just like your knife and fork. It is cleaned in commercial washers with special Hobard inserts. I for one would feel more comfortable with how clean a stainless steel reusable straw is, knowing it's been sanitized in a commercial machine. A real disposible straw would be a paper one, it takes 30 days for it to fully biodegrade in the environment.

    *450-500 years is an estimate, it may even be longer to break down, since plastic does not biodegrade, it photo degrades, breaking down into smaller and smaller pieces. Regardless, single us plastic, as it plastic straws, will outlive us all in the environment and generations to come...

    So think about it. Do you really "need" a straw?
    No? Then ask your bartender or waitperson for no straw in your drink.
    If your answer is yes, it would be good to have your own reusable straw, (glass or stainless steel) for your health and any sanitary issues you think may occur with using a reusable stainless steel straw in a restaurant or bar.