4/19/2012 01:40:00 PM

The Clean Street Truck: Food Truck of the Week

Chef Jack keepin' it clean
When chef Jack Harding moved from Baltimore to Los Angeles, he was struck by the breathtaking diversity of cuisines found on the streets here. And he decided with his Clean Street Food Truck to mirror those many cuisines, creating an eclectic truck in the midst of many varied trucks. His menu is Asian, Mediterranean, Southern, Hispanic - and of course, Baltimorean - he makes a pan-seared crab cake served on sweet Hawaiian slider buns topped with lemon-herb aïoli and red cabbage salad.
He also has a further gimmick (and what food truck doesn't?) - all his dishes are served two ways, both as a sandwich and "naked." Which means for those on a low-carb, high-protein diet, "naked" is the way to go when ordering the Thai chicken with a housemade sambal sauce, the grilled pork with chipotle sauce, the vegan Basque chickpea salad with herb "lemonette." There are herbed french fries with a triple-garlicked aïoli as a side dish. And chef Jack is always there - he's the guy with a neatly trimmed beard who's in the middle of the truck's logo - keepin' it tasty, and keepin' it clean. For details go to www.cleanstreetfood.com, Twitter or Facebook.


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